Heidi's Business Support Services

Heidi's Business Support Services

Empowering and Upscaling Businesses Through Better Systems and Processes

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Who We Are

At Heidi’s Business Support Services, we work with you to optimize your business from the top down. As an international consulting firm, our group of professional experts are always here to help your business get off the ground and grow.


We run a virtual IT administration business based in sunny South Africa.

We provide support to coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We assist our clients with website creation, business systems, IT infrastructure, virtual event management (day of the event and prior to event), and social media marketing e.g. designing posters for our clients’ events, products, and services.

Here are a few ways how we support our clients on their journey to success:

  • We create posters, branding templates, advertisements, logos, concept art, and other digital illustrations.
  • We provide tools and software to streamline our clients’ services and business operations in a professional manner.
  • We integrate all their online applications, financial management systems, and can synchronize their electronic devices.
  • We implement tools and systems in managing client records and even their google files and provide training to operate them.
  • Our website developer builds websites, platforms, applications, implements software on local devices, offers tech support.

By working with us, we will provide a solution to all the admin tasks, billing, and building a customized professional website so that the clients’ clients can access it online. We also do IT systems and programs audit to suggest optimal operating systems.


Small Business Consulting
  • Building a healthy foundation for your business
  • Strategically managing and growing your path
Webinar Event Consulting
  • Hosting and moderating your online event
  • Creating social media posts to advertise on your social channels
eCommerce Consulting
  • Creating market analyses, branding and plans
  • Establishing your business on additional platforms
  • Designing the website
Concept Development
  • Developing ideas aligned with your strategy and needs
Art & Illustration
  • Vector graphics, digital illustrations, and concept art
Website Design
  • Logos, layouts, and other user experience design elements

Success happens to those
who work for it.


“My website improved so much
after Heidi did her magic.”
— Neil Tran


Anything challenging in your business, let us work on a solution together.

Providing professional business support services remotely

Drop me a line or two if you want us to work together
to get your business off the ground and grow.

Find us here

Email: admin@hbss.co.za
Website: www.hbss.co.za
Instagram: @hbssonline
Facebook: HeidisBusinessSupportServices

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